381. Monsters Like the Human Belief that Bringing Things Back from the Grave Means the Person or Creature Will Be Exactly Like They Were Before They Died

Just think about the logistics of resurrection for a second, will ya? When a person dies, their soul leaves their body. When a cadaver is...

380. Monsters Like Ignoring the FDA’s Recommendations for Daily Caloric Intake

Witches have never made great dietitians. When asked how much you should eat, or how much you should weigh, or how many sugary foods you...

379. Monsters Like Being Young … Forever!

When you think of timeless beauties, who do you think of? Helen of Troy? It’s true, her beauty could sink a thousand ships. Cleopatra? A...

Never Buy an Earring without a Match: An SML Book Review of “Puzzleman”

Amanda is a young artist whose painful past has made her bitter and callous. A sucker for street vendors, one afternoon she trades a few...

378. Monsters Like Using a Middle-Man to Send our Messages

Sometimes, after the relationships we had in life, it’s more comfortable to be passive aggressive in the afterlife. Sometimes we’re just lazy, or tired, and...

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