Monstey Awards 2012

In 2012, the SML Monstey Awards date fell on Friday the 13th in March – and we couldn’t have been more proud to announce the recipients.


The 2012 Monstey Awards winners were:

John Goodman
Best Pre-Fame Cameo – C.H.U.D.


Perez Hilton
I Bet He Didn’t Put This on His Resume – Campfire Stories


Marni Kotak
People Who Gross Out Even Us – Live “Performance Art” Birth


Gentry Lee Sutherland and Jacob Simmons
Dubious Human Achievement Award – Jesus on a Wal-Mart Receipt



Congratulations to all our winners!

Please send your congratulations to each of this year’s winners.
To nominate someone for a 2013 Monstey Award, email us at

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