480. Monsters Like Fast Food

Monsters like fast food

Some days we prefer to stalk our prey, letting their fear simmer until it rolls into a boil of panic and poor decisions. Like splitting up into smaller groups, where it’s easier to pick the ripest one from the bunch. Other days, we prefer to satiate our hungers a little …

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479. Monsters Like Industrial-Strength Cleaning Products

Monsters Like Industrial-Strength Cleaning Products

How to Remove Blood Stains, the Human Way*: 1. Wet the stain with cold water – If the stain is fresh and still wet, soak fabric in cold water immediately. If the stain has dried, skip to step 3. 2. Rub with soap – Rub the stain well with soap, …

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478. Monsters Like Making Every Moment Count

Monsters like making every moment count, like this cicada wesen from Grimm

Everyone leads their life just a little differently than anyone else. Some people prefer short bouts of sleep in the wee hours, while others can’t live without a full eight hours every night. Then there are the immortals. Even they keep their own unique schedules. Many, so I hear, sleep …

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477. Monsters Like that Humans who Become Inevitably Bound with Machines only Turn into Soulless, Technology-Driven Killers, Unable to Access Their Diminishing Humanity as They Spiral Further and Further into a Sadistic State of Techno-Fascism

476. Monsters Like Sticking to the Increasingly Unaffordable McMansion Market Even Though All Their Friends are Downsizing

Monsters like haunting large houses

Think about this. When is the last time you heard about a haunted tiny house? Never. Tiny houses have one room where you sleep, cook, and shower basically in the same room. There are no haunted tiny houses. Ghosts like to spook around mansions and big houses with attics and …

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475. Monsters Like a Lack of Photons in the Spatial Array of Input Data to our Ocular Sensory Observations

Monsters like when the lights go out.

It’s the dark, people. The dark. It’s just a fancy way of saying that monsters like when the lights go out. That’s all.

A New Online Source for Indie Horror!: An SML Monster News Roundup

After a frighteningly strong year in 2016, this year is poised to be another shockingly good year for horror films. Here’s the news that’s been clawing at our inbox. The Morbid Anatomy Museum has Closed Though two and a half years is only a blip in the existence of most …

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474. Monsters Like Rapid Physical Deterioration

Monster like rapid physical deterioration

You know what you never see monsters suffer from? Dementia. Osteoarthritis. Chronic pulmonary…anything. Our lives may often be cut short—regularly by you meddling kids. I, for one, have been killed at the end of fourteen consecutive summer camp seasons. And still, I always come back for more. There are others …

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