Five Guys, a Girl, and a Crazed Psychokiller: Our “Best of” Horror Actors

Do you think people taste like chicken? If you’re being attacked by a masked killer, would you run upstairs, into the basement, or outside to the woods? Should H.P. Lovecraft be required reading for middle school students? These are some of the questions we’ve asked actors who have played such …

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Celeb Interview: Brinke “Scream Queen” Stevens

  Brinke Stevens is an active actress, screenwriter, and producer, with credits in over 100 sci-fi, fantasy, and horror films, including “Haunting Fear,” “The Slumber Party Massacre,” and “Teenage Exorcist.” Stevens is popularly known as the Scream Queen, and was even the subject of her own Jeopardy question. Stevens has …

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