360. Monsters Like the Extra Free Time We Have Now that We’re on Social Media

Rebecca Masters @dumbbutpretty – 2m #WHSrager at my place tonight!! you all should come @shygurlmeg @brainiacdude @badboyrob420 Rebecca Masters @dumbbutpretty – 8m All the girls are down!!! Paartay! #fridayjustgotawesome Rebecca Masters @dumbbutpretty – 17m @hotguydan @jockjason93 im at 24 Westridge ave…… ur bringing the pizza right? Rebecca Masters @dumbbutpretty – …

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347. Monsters Like Hard-Drinking Establishments

After a hard night of chasing noisy teenagers around the woods or summoning demons from the depths of Hell, sometimes a monster just needs to sit down with a nice, stiff drink. But where can a hairy, scary monster go to wind down without being harassed by the local pitchfork-wielding …

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Stuff Monsters DON’T Like

There was once a human who asserted that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I don’t always buy that. At least, I believe I should have conquered the planet seven times over if that were true. Be that as it may, on a site devoted to …

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