360. Monsters Like the Extra Free Time We Have Now that We’re on Social Media

Rebecca Masters @dumbbutpretty – 2m #WHSrager at my place tonight!! you all should come @shygurlmeg @brainiacdude @badboyrob420 Rebecca Masters @dumbbutpretty – 8m All the girls are down!!! Paartay! #fridayjustgotawesome Rebecca Masters @dumbbutpretty – 17m @hotguydan @jockjason93 im at 24 Westridge ave…… ur bringing the pizza right? Rebecca Masters @dumbbutpretty – …

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347. Monsters Like Hard-Drinking Establishments

After a hard night of chasing noisy teenagers around the woods or summoning demons from the depths of Hell, sometimes a monster just needs to sit down with a nice, stiff drink. But where can a hairy, scary monster go to wind down without being harassed by the local pitchfork-wielding …

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276. Monsters Like Dumb People with an Overdeveloped Sense of Adventure

“Dave, what are we doing at the old Glenwood Mansion? You know this place gives me the creeps.” “Oh, c’mon Shelly. Are you really scared of a drafty old house that no one’s lived in for decades, that was home to ritualistic killings in the late nineteenth century, and whose …

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