Pass the Skull, Please: An SML Review of “Frankenstein Island”

The name “Frankenstein Island” conjures up an over-engineered theme park attraction, complete with ticket takers and souvenir circuit breakers. “Welcome to Frankenstein Island! Can I interest you in a bag of candy neck bolts?” Remarkably, what you get from the movie Frankenstein Island (1981) is something even more absurd. The …

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As if Nazis Could Get Any Worse: An SML Review of “Frankenstein’s Army”

Question: Who would be the greatest military genius of all time? Answer: The man who can piece together chunks of dead criminals—Frankenstein. The films starts in a pseudo-documentary/found footage style, with a “live” cameraman and intentionally clumsy cuts, as WWII-era Russian troops are moving closer to the enemy in a …

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Hug A Monster Day: A History in Photos

Intergalactic Hug a Monster Day has a rich and storied history. The holiday takes place on July 27 every year as a celebration for all the great monsters in our lives. Because monsters are people, too! We encourage you to take your favorite monster (toy) with you to work, school, …

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