Extend Your Halloween Week Celebrations with these Fun Holidays

NOTE: This is an update of a previous post with dates changed to match the 2016 calendar.   Monsters get restless in the days before Halloween! We’re not very patient creatures, after all. Over the years, we monsters have developed* a series of Halloween-week holidays to help us get into …

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Celeb Interview: Carolina Ghostbusters

The Carolina Ghostbusters keep the Carolinas safe from ghosts, ghouls, spirits, specters, spooks, and the occasional demon. Their team of expert paranormal investigators travel around in their custom built Ectomobile to “bust some heads” and meet with fans at parties, parades, charity events, and other functions. The Ghostbusters and Ecto-1 will be …

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228. Monsters Like Working Refrigerators

It is widely regarded that high-quality refrigerators should be reliable and long lasting, and should keep your food, beverages, and assorted condiments at a constant temperature. For the environmentally-conscious, refrigerators should also be energy efficient, offering the best chill for the lowest cost. When your refrigerator doubles as an interdimensional …

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