378. Monsters Like Using a Middle-Man to Send our Messages

Sometimes, after the relationships we had in life, it’s more comfortable to be passive aggressive in the afterlife. Sometimes we’re just lazy, or tired, and it takes too much ghost-juice to show up in person…so to speak. Then, there are those of us who think our method of communications is …

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Hellhounds Handbook: Ghosts Screened at British Cemetery

Someday, we’ll all be ghosts, cursed to return to Earth to haunt the places we once loved and torment the still-living who wronged us. Well, at least I hope that’s what happens. If we don’t get to exact revenge upon our enemies while floating around in a semi-opaque holographic shell, …

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Celeb Interview: Bo Blackburn, Lead Investigator of Myst3ry, Inc.

Bo Blackburn is a Lead Investigator with Myst3ry, Inc., a nonprofit paranormal investigation organization based in the Mid-Atlantic. Their main mission is to assist those who believe they have had a paranormal encounter, including sightings of ghosts, cryptids, and UFOs. The group also manages ghost tours in Winston-Salem, NC, and …

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