We’re Time Traveling forward 6 Months to When We Own this Cookbook: An SML Horror News Roundup

Start your holiday shopping early or prepare to boost your film career. Check out the news that’s been burning a hole in our inbox. Feeding Hannibal Cookbook Available Just in Time to Buy us for Krampusnacht — Are you planning to have some old friends for dinner this holiday season? …

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Announcing the 2015 Monstey Award Winners!

Since 1805, Monstey Awards have been presented each spring to the best and baddest in the world of horror and the macabre. For over 200 years, the 10-member awards committee has convened in a top secret location in the heart of Glendale, CA to choose four exceptional monsters to honor. …

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325. Monsters Like Recognizing Personal Milestones by Making Others Read About Them

Stuff Monsters Like posted its first thing monsters like on Halloween Day 2010. Since then, we have brought our readers over 300 things monsters like, along with a host of articles about monster celebrities, horror movies and reviews, holidays (including Halloween and Hug A Monster Day), and monstery news and …

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