Extend Your Halloween Week Celebrations with these Fun Holidays

NOTE: This is an update of a previous post with dates changed to match the 2016 calendar.   Monsters get restless in the days before Halloween! We’re not very patient creatures, after all. Over the years, we monsters have developed* a series of Halloween-week holidays to help us get into …

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Happy Hug A Monster Day 2016—Send us Your Selfies!

Help us celebrate Hug A Monster Day 2016 by showing appreciation to all the monsters in your life. Because monsters are people, too. Hug them. Show them off to your friends and family. Spend the day playing video games. Gorge yourself on Chinese takeout. Netflix and snuggle. Whatever you choose …

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13 Last-Minute Valentine’s Gift Ideas for DIY Monsters

Because the 3-month Christmas season isn’t long enough, jewelry stores and confectionaries across the nation are asking you to buy into Valentine’s Day this weekend. The holiday was originally created as a commemoration of one of any number of Christian martyrs named Valentine, and today is celebrated in the U.S. …

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Celebrate Monster Love with Stuff Monsters Like: Our “Best of” Romance Posts

Celebrate Monster Love with SML

UPDATE: We’ve updated this post for 2016 with our most recent relevant posts. Can you feel the monster love?   Valentine’s Day is next weekend. But isn’t every day a good time for a little monster love? The torchlight. The romantic dinner of two people. Maybe a little hanky-panky afterward. Monsters …

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