Is the Moon Still Out of Reach? – Our Kickstarter Wrapup Post

Dear Earthlings, Thirty days have officially passed. An entire moon has come and gone. And our first Kickstarter endeavor has come to a close. Were we able to raise the $578 Billion needed to fly to the moon, build a permanent moon base, and write a folk album? Not quite. …

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The SML Kickstarter Campaign Goes Viral

When our Kickstarter campaign went viral, we were covered by blogs, online magazines, and news sources from as far away as Italy and Australia. Check out the links below for a few of the articles about how awesome we are. SML in Italian: …

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The First Band in Space – Our Lineup for “Lunar Aid 1985”

The Head Monsters at the SML Haunted Mansion and Blog Laboratory have been getting lots of questions about our impending Kickstarter success. Recently, we were asked: If you do raise the money, what do you know from a scientific/space exploration/space colonization standpoint that’ll allow you to successfully pull this off? …

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