Announcing Hug A Monster Day 2011


July 27 Because Monsters are People Too Join us this day to show appreciation to the monsters in our lives. Take your favorite monster (or monster toy) with you to work, school, or play. Show it off. Amaze your friends. Baffle your boss. Frighten your psychiatrist. And don’t forget to …

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46. Monsters Like Stealing Chickens


Monsters like making off with livestock. It’s free, it’s tasty, it’s readily available, it constitutes stealing, and it often gets us shot at – which makes us look cool to our friends. Stealing livestock may not be the classiest monster pass time (it’s about on par with the human pass …

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42. Monsters Like Cereal Sponsorship – A Brutal History of Struggle


In 1971, General Mills began producing both the Count Chocula and Franken Berry cereals (listed alphabetically, thank you very much!). And ever since then, there has been a feud between the two cereal superstars as to who was given the first cereal sponsorship. They have fought on the screen, behind …

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