Celeb Interview: Jeffrey Atencio, the Jaded Viewer

Jeffrey Atencio is better known as the Jaded Viewer. Since December 2006, his site has reviewed all manner of films, including horror, cult, grindhouse, gore, splatter, and exploitation films. “The jaded viewer” has been nominated for a number of awards, and his reviews have been featured in film trailers and …

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Celeb Interview: Brinke “Scream Queen” Stevens

  Brinke Stevens is an active actress, screenwriter, and producer, with credits in over 100 sci-fi, fantasy, and horror films, including “Haunting Fear,” “The Slumber Party Massacre,” and “Teenage Exorcist.” Stevens is popularly known as the Scream Queen, and was even the subject of her own Jeopardy question. Stevens has …

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Celeb Interview: Jeffrey Combs

  Jeffrey Combs is a primarily horror and science fiction actor best known for his performance as Herbert West in the cult classic “Re-Animator.” Including the “Re-Animator” series, Combs has acted in 8 H.P. Lovecraft adaptations. Fans may also recognize him for his recurring roles on “Star Trek: Deep Space …

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