452. Monsters Like Assaulting Your Olfactory Senses

They’re terrifying. They’re stomach turning, they’re so disgusting. They’re deadly contagious. Some are just plain deadly. But the one thing you always forget about monsters, zombies, woods-bound ax murderers, hell spawn, sewer creatures, and the like: They smell rank. We’re talking week-old-feces, roadkill skunks, B.O.-miasma, stomach-bile-in-the-sun rank. Run, little ones. …

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Don’t Judge a Miniseries by its Body Count: An SML Review of “Harper’s Island”

It’s hard to know for sure, but it seems safe to say that 2009’s “” may be the bloodiest miniseries ever shown on CBS. The 13-episode series put viewers through 29 deaths, many just as we were beginning to really like the characters, and more after we’d grown attached to …

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Paging All Goosebumps!: An SML Book Review of “A Psycho’s Medley”

A Psycho’s Medley By Terry M. West 71 pages Published by Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc. Psycho: a psychopathic or psychotic person, crazy or mentally unstable.  Not very informative, but does cover a wide range of….well, crazy. Medley: A varied mixture of people or things. This is a very apt title …

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