Five Guys, a Girl, and a Crazed Psychokiller: Our “Best of” Horror Actors

Do you think people taste like chicken? If you’re being attacked by a masked killer, would you run upstairs, into the basement, or outside to the woods? Should H.P. Lovecraft be required reading for middle school students? These are some of the questions we’ve asked actors who have played such …

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Celebrity Interview: R.A. Mihailoff

  R.A. Mihailoff is a lifelong horror lover and longtime horror actor. He is best known for playing the title role in “Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III,” and is more recently recognized for his head-splitting role in “Hatchet II.” Mihailoff recently appeared as a guest at the second annual Mad …

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Stuff Monsters Like Parties in Charlotte

Monsters like hanging out with other monsters. A lot. The second annual Mad Monster Party convention took place in Charlotte, NC last weekend (March 22-24, 2013). Stuff Monsters Like was there, and, man, was it a hell of a time. Guests ranged from “Back to the Future’s” Lea Thompson to …

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