121. Monsters Like Saying “I’d rather be dead,” but Really Meaning It

When you’ve been to Hell and back (usually on vacation in late July), the idea of death doesn’t seem so scary or pressing. In fact, knowing what’s on the other side can make you look forward to the prospect of dying. I know I, for one, am really looking forward …

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95. Monsters Like Island Getaways

It’s a tough life plotting and scheming and chasing overzealous teenagers. Sometimes there’s nothing a busy monster needs more than a long vacation. But where can a monster go to escape the pressures of performing evil and the incoming mob of angry villagers? Nowadays, we follow the logic of our …

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20. Monsters Like Sunny Days without Being Chased by Angry Mobs with Pitchforks

Can you imagine a better sunny afternoon than one spent sitting by a pond on a picnic blanket with a friend and a basket of snacks? It’s peaceful, idyllic, and relaxing. Now imagine that beautiful picnic being interrupted by a mob of angry townspeople carrying torches, clubs, and all manner …

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