Celeb Interview: Zach Green of Fatal Pictures

SML celebrity interview with Zach Green of Fatal Pictures

Zach Green is the producer of Fatal Pictures, a film production company based in Toronto, Canada. Green is a filmmaking jack of all trades, also serving as casting director, production manager, editor, and crew member for the company’s four current, critically acclaimed and award-winning horror short films. SML has previously …

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What Happens in College…: An SML Review of “Heir”

Do you remember when you were in college and you did something that you regretted immediately afterward? Something that haunts you and drives you even now, years later? (Is it just us?) We’re not expressly told what happened between Denis and “Dad” Gordon 20 years ago, but it seems that …

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Fatal Pictures’ “Heir” to Premiere this Summer

Producer Zach Green has a new film premiering this summer. Heir is the story of a father/son road trip gone horribly wrong. Heir‘s actors and filmmakers have made frequent appearances on SML. Our minions try to keep an eyeball on all the latest horror news. We have previously reported on many …

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The Voices Inside – an SML Review of “Familiar”

In their previous project, “Worm” (2010), writer/director Richard Powell and producer Zach Green revealed the sordid, rotten thoughts of a common high school teacher. The pair have collaborated again on the upcoming short film “Familiar” (2012). Robert Nolan again takes the lead role, but plays a much different character. This …

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