1. Monsters Like Running Across the Rooftops of London

I’ve never been to London, but from everything I’ve heard, the traffic there is atrocious! With drivers on the wrong side of the road, and four-lane traffic circles, it either takes an automotive master or a crazy person to brave inner city London traffic.

And I imagine traffic was even worse before the dawn of the twentieth century! Narrow roads, rogue horses – it’s a wonder people ever got anywhere!

Monsters stay busy. There’s always somewhere to go and someone to eat. By cutting across the rooftops of London, monsters have found that they can cut their travel time by as much as 40 percent, leaving more time for the items on their busy schedule. Further, they’re actually less likely to be involved in an accident* than if they were down on the street.

With such a busy schedule – so many women to kidnap and so many plots for revenge to plan – who wants to spend all their time caught up in traffic? Monsters have found that sometimes the shortest way to travel is to take to the skies (see “Flying,” coming soon), and barring that, to run across the rooftops.

*or in causing accidents, skirmishes, or deaths

Rooftops of London


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