100. Monsters Like Meeting Abbott and Costello

A-C-Meet-Frankenstein-1948As historical evidence has shown, some of the most threatening, foul, and evil monsters that have ever lived, have met Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. Why? What’s the draw? Why was a popular comedy duo poised to be the apple to so many a monsters’ eye? Could it be the allure of meeting celebrities? Then why did Frankenstein’s Monster not track down Clark Gable? Couldn’t the Invisible Man easily have watched Rita Hayworth take a shower while stalking her? I could imagine that Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde might have just needed their help with the impeccable timing of the “Who’s on First” routine.

What about me? I would love to meet Dracula or The Mummy. Maybe even play some tunes with the Phantom of the Opera or use the Hunchback of Notre Dame as a wing-man – he makes you look better..;) There are thousands like me who would be happy to know that they were mutilated by the Wolf Man. What a great story for your surviving family to tell! So, why Abbott and Costello? Easy. THE THRILL OF THE HUNT. If you were a hideous monster, what could be a more perfect compliment than running away in utter terror, screams being orgasmic to the ears, and a constant affirmation that you are the supreme evil in the world. Just an observation…

I would like to take this time to let all monsters, young and old, know about some other promising duos that I feel could live up to the standards of “scared to death but I might slip out of your fingers”:

Jason Voorhees meets Nick Frost & Simon Pegg

Freddy Kruger meets Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker 

Cheech & Chong meet the Mummy (they’d think you’re a giant joint!)

Harold & Kumar meet Hannibal Lector

Jay and Silent Bob meet The Blob

(the REAL) Michael Myers meets David Spade and Chris Farley (would have to be Zombie Chris Farley(lives in a cemetery down by the river))

Chucky meets Penn & Teller (it’s not a ventriloquism act fellas!)

The Grim Reaper meets the Smothers Brothers (insert old joke here ___ )

OK monsters, go! It’s a “Meet and Greet”!

Ben WilsonThis post was submitted by Ben Wilson, an Asheville, North Carolina-based musician who describes himself as a Folk/Rock/Americana singin’, beer-brewin’, Bigfoot viewin’, ukulele playin’, National Geographic readin’ kinda guy. Ben’s music covers everything from zombies and hibachi grills to the Loch Ness Monster and zebra herds. To listen to Ben’s song “Good Stories,” click here.


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