13 Last-Minute Halloween Gifts for the Monster You Love

Wow. October 30th got here faster than expected!

You’ve got less than 24 hours to find the perfect gift for your date to the Halloween party down the street. But what do you get?

A severed head? Too hard to wrap. Make a magic potion? But you’re out of eye of newt…

Not to fear, you fearsome creature, you. Stuff Monsters Like has put together the weirdest mix of spooky and eerie gift ideas on the web.

13. Mug Monsters – Unique, handmade, environmentally friendly, and funk-tional.

12. Silver Bullet Mints – Freshen your breath and ward off lycanthropes.

11. “Mommy’s Little Monster” Bib – For the mini-monster who likes getting messy at feeding time.

10. “Papertoy Monsters” – Not quite as cool as our mascots, but this paper-craft book by Brian Castleforte is full of fun.

9. “Gone Squatchin” Hat – You can choose your color, but you can’t choose whether you will return from your Big Foot hunt alive.

8. Flying Spaghetti Monster Belt Buckle – Boldly holding up loose pants since he flapped his noodly arms and created the universe.

7. Monster Briefs – “For the guy who has everything”…except a monster in his pants.

6. Edgar Allan Poe Lunch Box – Make your monster-love the envy of all the cool kids on the playground with this metal lunchbox.

5. True Blood Cookbook – For the monster whose hunger cannot be satisfied by blood and the screams of the innocent.

4. Paranormal Tour Tickets – Why wander through crowds of people in bedsheets this Halloween when you can see a few real ones?

3. Morbid Anatomy Anthology – Make a bid today to reserve your copy of what is sure to be an excellent collection of photos and facts! (They have to meet their goal in order to receive ANY funding…)

2. Gemini Co. Heart in a Jar Candle – So many creepy gift ideas here! But nothing says “I Love You” like lighting a heart on fire.

1. Art from ZaPow! – So much cool stuff, so little wall space in our dungeon! This limited-edition poster set is by Robert Nicol.


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