136. Monsters Like Heat Waves

What sounds and smells remind you of home?

I’ve heard people say that the smell of clean linen and apple butter remind them of home. I’ve heard others say pecan pie, or lasagna, or their father’s aftershave. Perhaps the sound of children playing, or voices at the dinner table is what awakens your oldest memories? Or the coffee grinder in the wee hours of the morning?

When your home is the third innermost circle of Hell, the sounds and smells of home are a little different.

For me, nothing says “home” like the sounds of people screaming as the flesh on the bottoms of their feet is seared off from the hot ground. Or the smell of skin roasting under the heat of a giant ball of white hot fire.

That’s why I always look forward to heat waves at the beach. It’s the next best thing to mother’s cold embrace.

Image created by Kev7n on deviantArt. Found here.


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