150. Monsters Like Mood Lighting

Ambiance is important to followers of the macabre.

Regulating the comfort of our haunted homes, dungeons, and sinister laboratories (pretentiously read “la-BOR-a-tor-eez”) is imperative to making our “guests” feel as unwelcome as possible. Of course, no creepy castle is complete without abundant spider webs and hidden trap doors that open up into our crocodile-infested moats. But more than that, monsters depend on the right kind of lighting to create the right kind of mood.

Especially if that mood is “terrified.”

“Pain”-stakingly created by Justin LaDoux.

Sarah G

What do you get when you cross a horror movie with a pile of books? She’s not always sure, but Sarah G is always there to find the connection. In the process, she has helped found a local nonprofit, started a satirical holiday, ticked off celebrities, and tried to purchase the lunar surface.

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