16. Monsters Like Defying Standard Lifespans

For millennia, man has tried time and again to find a way to live longer, if not forever. From Achilles to Ponce de Leon, great historical figures have fought for immortality, but very few since the age of the Old Testament have been known to live a full century, or any great span beyond normal means. Except monsters.

There are two main kinds of monsters. There are those that live well past any normal age or come back from the dead, like Dorian Gray, zombies, or mummies. Then there are those that just won’t die to begin with, even if logic and physics would dictate that they should. Most of your heavy-duty psycho killers fall into this category. Regardless, all monsters like to use that skill to their advantage, and throw off their unsuspecting victims, popping up when you least expect them (i.e. after you thought you’d already killed and/or re-killed them).

Now, we all know that every creature has his weakness, every Achilles his exposed heel. There certainly are ways to kill monsters, demons, aliens, vampires, psychokillers, and even your standard level immortal. But beware: if they haven’t exploded, melted, or turned into dust in front of your eyes, they may just be biding their time until they can strike again. When you least expect it.



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