18. Monsters Like Staying Up Late… to Kill You!

Many monsters are quite playful, and will do cute things like hide under your bed or gnaw on your face a little to show you how much they like you (see previous posts). However, like a rabid yellow dog turning on the kid who once played with it, some monsters have been known to go bad, and then go after you.

One of the more interesting aspects about monsters is how little sleep they need to function. Added to that, many monsters who do settle down for a regular snooze do so during the day, and so they are free at night to wreak havoc and terrorize. Their motivating force to stay up late and skulk around in the dark: to kill you!

You are special. Maybe you once babysat this monster or are the reincarnated soul of that monster’s dead girlfriend. But whatever the case, these monsters are staying up into the wee hours of the morning to come after YOU. They know you’re weakest in the dark, they know you’re tired from a long day of frivolous teen sex, they know that their attack will be completely unexpected. And they know that since they spent all day napping, that they have the upper hand.

So watch out, be wary, and try to work a siesta into your schedule at least once a week. If you’re going to be spending all night running, and hiding, and screaming, and fighting, who knows when you’ll get a full night’s sleep again!



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