19. Monsters Like Mind Rays

Terrorizing innocent people is hard work. They scream, they run, they fight, they often shoot at you. Not all monsters are cut out for that kind of work, and even the best of the best get tired of kidnapping kicking women and running around in the cold and dark.

Luckily, with the help of their beloved Mad Scientists (see previous post), a few enterprising monsters have developed a taste for mind rays. Similar in size and purpose to a stun gun, but with the cooler and more futuristic shape of a death ray gun, mind ray weapons are every worn down monster’s best friend.

Mind rays can usually do one of two things. One, they can temporarily stun their victim’s brain waves, causing them sensations of paralysis, pain, or intense pleasure – depending on which setting the gun is set to. (Please note, many monster’s still bitter at having to chase your dumb ass around will choose the “pain” setting.) Or, the more high-tech mind rays can act as tools for forced hypnosis, and will cause you to become your attacker’s personal mindless drone… at least until the effects wear off.

Watch out for mind rays. And remember – just because you’re fighting a monster off with a shotgun and a wooden cross, it doesn’t mean the monster won’t come wielding a weapon of his own.



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