Winners are Revealed! Announcing the 2014 Monstey Award Winners

For no easily discernable reason, National Hitchcock Day falls each year on March 12, in honor of filmmaker extraordinaire Alfred Hitchcock. The Master of Suspense was as well informed on the intricacies of the human psyche as he was on the limitations of the human bladder. His rich, dark, and masterfully crafted stories have largely stood the test of time to remain among the best in cinema’s history.

In 1964, Alfred Hitchcock was honored with a prestigious Monstey Award. Today, fifty years later, we honor a spooky new group of recipients with their own Monstey Awards.

Our congratulations to the distinguished recipients of the 209th Annual Monstey Awards!

The 2014 winners of the Monstey Award are:

rise-of-the-lycans-bill-nighy-1819725400Bill Nighy

Been Around the Monster Block Award

Stuff Monsters Like formally commends you for your on-screen roles as vampire leader, sea monster, zombie stepfather, alien planet architect, hungry corpse, Greek god, Minister of Magic, et cetera, et cetera.

544017_323390427769314_1279305371_nMiss Cakehead

The Way to a Monster’s Heart is through His Sweet Tooth Award

Stuff Monsters Like formally commends you for popularizing the sale of sugary human body parts as a delicious and delightful evening snack.

paul_hellyer_ftrPaul Hellyer

Ambassador to Gorgulon 7 Award

Stuff Monsters Like formally commends you for your dedication to the Intergalactic Peace Treaty of Galaxy Date 42278 and utter secrecy on the matter.

BigFoot-Jan30Rick Dyer

Our Revenge is Nigh Award

Stuff Monsters Like formally acknowledges your claim to have killed Bigfoot, AKA Uncle Shelby.

Congratulations to all our winners!


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