277. Monsters Like Outdoing Humans at their Own Ideas

You pesky humans aren’t good for much, but I will grant that you come up with some pretty cool ideas.

The wheel. Electricity. Lasers. Barbecue sauce.

Your problem, though, is that you always quit before you hit the good stuff. Instead of taking your ideas one step too far, you never take them quite far enough.

What’s the point of having electricity if you don’t use it to reanimate corpses? Or lasers without laser guns? Or barbecue sauce without the complete destruction of the planet?

What? You don’t get it? That’s exactly our point.

It’s the same with this internet thing you’ve created. You came up with a great idea a couple years ago. When Stuff White People Like hit the Net, you guys ate it up. The nation was so taken by one simple little blog, that over a hundred copycats popped up to showcase their own uniquely quirky and entertaining demographic.

Stuff Asian People Like.

Stuff Bible College Students Like.

Stuff Korean Moms Like.

Stuff Unimaginative Bloggers Like.

We found over 150 sites that were designed like SWPL. But most of them never hit 10 posts. Stuff Musicians Like never posted a thing.

What? Don’t musicians like stuff too?

Our biggest rival throughout this experience was Stuff Apostolics Like. They started in 2008 during the height of the Stuff White People Like boom, and are still going, even if they’re not going “strong.” But as of today, they have also proven themselves unworthy. They have also shown that the slow and steady human method does not always win the race.

As of today, Stuff Monsters Like is not just your most comprehensive internet site for horror tropes, it’s also the biggest stereotype list on the web. In other words, we’re now bigger and longer than Stuff White People Like, Stuff Bible College Students Like, and especially, our nemesis – the site that kept us monsters up at night, working hard into the early morning hours – Stuff Apostolics Like.

Yes, take that Stuff Apostolics Like. How does it feel to be bested at your own game? We win.

We are officially the largest listing of stuff anyone likes on the internet!

Thanks for sticking with us monsters through the years. You’ve truly been wonderful. But don’t worry. We’re not hanging up our machetes and fangs yet. There’s still plenty to come.

Mr Burns

Happy Devil


Our monster mascots help us with our evil schemes, as well as taking care of chores around the mansion. From writing press releases to collaborating on blog posts, this blog would not exist without them.

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