437. Monsters Like Legalized Marijuana

Do you know how many stoners get killed off in horror movies? They die all the time. Light up a joint and your clock is ticking. We think monsters can smell cannabinoids on them, just like sharks to blood.

With all the new legal weed smokers in the country, this increases the monster’s potential stoner victims by ten-fold.

Help a monster out. Call your local representatives. Bring legal weed to your state.

monsters like legalizing marijuana, so more can end up like these stoners from Idle Hands



Jim MacKenzie is an amateur futurist on his way to guru-hood. He studied journalism and works in television. Jim writes for several blogs, including The Incredible Vanishing Paperweight and the satirical horror site StuffMonsterslike.com. Jim and his SML co-blogger, Sarah Giavedoni, have started a holiday, ticked off celebrities and tried to purchase the lunar surface. In his spare time, Jim likes listening to rock music, reading, giving away free books at his nonprofit "The POP Project" and trying to catch the real Thomas Wolfe Home arsonist.

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