559. Monsters Like Leaning into the Rumours

If anyone knows what to do in the face of unstoppable rumours, it’s the incomparable Stevie Nicks. There was her very public relationship (and its subsequent dissolution) in Fleetwood Mac—a relationship that still attracts headlines decades later.

And then there was the darker rumour. The one that she fought through much of the 1980s. The one that got her caught up in the Satanic Panic.


Stevie Nicks is a witch!


Or is she?


Whether the rumour is true or just the product of a rival’s petty spell is irrelevant. Stevie Nicks, witchy woman that she is, won’t let it stop her.

In fact, why fight the rumours at all when you can lean right into them. Go your own way, Stevie. We’ll be right behind you!

559. Monsters Like Leaning into the Rumours


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