6 Monstrously Fun Christmas Gifts

Until the Haunted Mansion gets that book-movie-action figure franchise deal we’ve been hoping for, we can’t inundate you with SML swag for the whole family. Sorry.

But we did have our minions scour the internet for a few fun gift ideas for the holiday season.

We recommend you give your gifts a few days early. You know, just in case the world ends from a giant global apocalypse brought on by an ancient Mayan curse. Or something.

1. Frankenweenie Imaginary Pet
The very character that ended Tim Burton’s career at Disney is this year’s hottest toy. Ironic? Yes. But irony is in this year.

2. Flying Spaghetti Monster Tree Ornament
The tree ornament is nice if you’re going to insist on Christmas-themed Christmas gifts. But there are plenty others here, too.

3. The Empire of Death: A Cultural History of Ossuaries and Charnel Houses
Because nothing says “the holiday season” more than bone fetishism and mummified remains, right?

4. Marlowe the Monster, Volume 1
Former SML celebrity interview Shing Yin Kohr offers a collection of her charming still life comics.

5. Putrid Flesh Sofa
To be honest, we don’t know if this is actually for sale, but if it is, it’s at the top of our wish list!

6. Local Art – Marty Feldman Igor by Lino Azevedo, 11×14″ Print
From a variety of artists at ZaPow! in downtown Asheville. They have everything you could ever want, except more wall space for your apartment.


You can’t give away awesome monster toys and gifts without wrapping them in Christmas-themed monster paper. That’s a rule.


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