61. Monsters Like Cleverly Disguising their Evil Plots in Backwards Cryptic Writing

Monsters are smarter than humans.

If this weren’t true, why would humans be so afraid of them?

Monsters believe that terror is a game.

They like to flaunt their intelligence by toying with their prey. Sometimes they leave behind little clues to see how long it takes humans to discover them. They also like a big reveal.

This helps humans accept their fate much easier.

When the goblins are cutting you up and serving you on a platter, you can’t say they didn’t try to warn you.

All you can do is feel stupid for missing the all the signs, and be eaten.


Our monster mascots help us with our evil schemes, as well as taking care of chores around the mansion. From writing press releases to collaborating on blog posts, this blog would not exist without them.

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