69. Monsters Like Speaking in Foreign Tongues

Monsters and demons are creatures of ancient evil. Many have spent centuries possessing the bodies of person after person, while others have waited centuries to be resurrected or reincarnated.

As ancient creatures, these evil spirits are not always hip on on the jive talk of youngsters these days. Many of them, like your grandmother, prefer to hold onto the language of their youth, their native tongue.

Sometimes this is a language you may understand. Usually it’s Latin, or some other dead language that you’re equally as unfamiliar with.

So when you’re picking your foreign language requirement freshman year, pick carefully. Sure, you’ve always wanted to take that tour of France and Spain, but what happens if you become possessed by Beelzebub along the way? He hates it when he takes over tourists who do not properly roll their “R”s or understand the umlaut. Take it from us. Invest in that foreign language course. You’ll make a far better possession subject. And that makes Beelzebub happy.



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