Asheville’s Spectra 3D Helps us Bring our Monsters to Life!

Spectra3D-Systems-168x95To life, I tell you!

3D printing isn’t a new technology. It’s decades old. But it has recently come within the grips of many people interested in taking abstract ideas and placing them into the real world. It has long been fantasized about in sci-fi, but finally, the ability to create objects from our minds is here.

20140816_144728Just like our friend and mascot B.A.R.T., the SML Haunted Mansion and Blog Laboratory’s robotic servant.

Many of our loyal readers think B.A.R.T. only exists on our website. But that is wrong. Thanks to the 3D printing capability of Asheville, NC’s Spectra 3D Systems, B.A.R.T. is real. He is now free to roam the hallways and chambers and dungeons while making up mean Martinis and picking up after our messy, ghostly residents.

3D printing works like a traditional ink printer in many ways. But instead of printing a picture of a building on two-dimensional paper, a 3D printer can create a three-dimensional building you can hold in your hands.

A 3D printer looks like something from the Starship Enterprise. Most are box-like with doors and robotic arms inside that spray plastic onto a surface, layer by layer. It’s really cool to watch.

Here’s a YouTube clip of a 3D printer making a blue hand that will someday hold a person’s smartphone.

The mansion has never looked better now that B.A.R.T. has arrived. Our ghastly guests couldn’t be happier!

If you have an idea, or want to learn more about 3D printing or the other services that Spectra 3D Systems offer, including design work and marketing, go to


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