Girls Still Crazy ‘bout a Sharp Dressed Monster: Our “Best of” Monster Fashion (part 2)

Fresh nails, clean teeth
And I don’t know where I am gonna be
Black heels, bowtie
When I step out you know you’re gonna die


They go runnin’ just as fast, and then faster
‘Cuz every girl crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed monster


Monsters aren’t vain. Many of us can’t even see our reflection in the mirror. But we do believe in the power of looking our best. And sometimes our best can be construed as pretty awful.

Learn more about what monsters think make us look dangerously sharp. Check out a few more of our best posts about monster fashion.

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Sports Mascotsw83946477
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318. Monsters Like High Heels328. Monsters Like Being the Ugliest One of All
m07_19494457broomstickbunny (18)



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