Beware the Monstey! Check out the Categories for 2014…if You Dare!

SML is thrilled and chilled to announce the recipients of the 209th Annual Monstey Awards on National Hitchcock Day: March 12, 2014 at 9:00 AM.

In a tradition dating back to the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, Stuff Monsters Like is honored to present our annual monstey awards to deserving “celebrities” within the monster world. These winners are recognized for their contributions to horror film and horrible culture. They have played good roles in terrible movies, mastered terrible roles in okay movies, and committed actions in real life that are too distasteful even for monsters to stomach.

This year, the Monstey Awards go international! That’s right – one or more of the 2014 winners will be from a great nation outside of the U.S. The Monsteys are excited to branch out, reach different parts of the globe, and infest the hearts and homes of other countries in our quest to terminate all the sinful desserts in the world! (More on that later.)

Stay tuned to SML next Wednesday to see this year’s big winners. In the meantime, start placing bets with your bookie on who will be receiving this year’s awards!

The categories for the 2014 Monstey Awards are:


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