“Bride of Monster Serial” Now Available on Amazon

monster serialDear readers –

The wonderfully brilliant Head Monsters of Stuff Monsters Like are now available to take home in delightfully convenient book form!

In fact, they’ve been available for several weeks now. But we minions neglected to find the publishing notification in our email inbox, leading to ridicule and persecution from our terrifying and (hopefully) benevolent Head Monster overlords.

Bride of Monster Serial is the inevitable sequel to Monster Serial, the first installment of the movie essay series coordinated by the award-winning Collinsport Historical Society. Bride continues the theme of exploring horror and sci-fi cinema that goes beyond mere film reviews. Instead, readers have the chance to step inside the hearts and memories of all the writers as they address a variety of popular and obscure films – including several essays from our great and masterful Head Monsters.

Our amazing and creative Head Monsters covered three awesome and well-chosen films:

  • Bride of the Monster (1955)
  • The Lawnmower Man (1992)
  • Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Seriously. Their essays are just wonderful. Take our word for it. You don’t want to miss their reviews. Buy your copy of the book today on Amazon.com.

(Please. We don’t want to risk disappointing the Head Monsters again by reminding them of our insolence.)

Our lives rest in your hands,

The Grateful Grovelling Minions of the SML Haunted Mansion and Blog Laboratory


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