“Called It!”: Gypsy Jim Named Best Psychic in WNC

True to his impeccable prediction, the Inconceivable Gypsy Jim was named the “Best Psychic in WNC” in this year’s Mountain Xpress poll.

Gypsy Jim gave a strong showing in his first race, staggering a little at the gunshot, but picking up speed as he rounded the second turn. By the time he hit the winning stretch, he was a full head in front of seasoned favorite and long-time winner… Whatshisname.

In appreciation of his dedicated fans, Gypsy Jim decided to thank the voters with magic. He was promptly talked out of such a ridiculous idea, but had this to say:

“I’m truly honored. I will do my best to make you proud. And stay tuned – there’s more fun to come.”

This Tuesday, tune in for Gypsy Jim’s exclusive interview with Intrepid SML Reporter Hogson Shivers: “They Don’t Call them Cloudy Balls: How Crystal Balls Make the Future Crystal Clear.”

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