Celeb Interview: Chris Moore of We Become Monsters

WBM_header_originalChris Moore (not to be confused with Chris Moore, SML’s Maniacal Master of Movie Reviews) is the owner of We Become Monsters, and creator of the business’s “fugly resin toys for weird people.”


Q. First of all, tell us a little about your resin figurine art at We Become Monsters and how you got into the field.

I just sort of started doing it a couple years ago. At first, I customized a few existing toys, but since I usually sculpted completely over the prior toy, I figured I should just start making my own from scratch. The techniques I picked up quickly as I had previously done prop and FX work; at a basic level, making a mold is making a mold.


Bat Nosed Basilhog

Bat Nosed Basilhog

Q. Are there any specific movies or monsters that particularly inspire your work?

I’m not sure they all really show in the work, but everything John Carpenter has ever touched, even the bad stuff. Pushead’s 2D and toy work. Secret Base. Paul Rubens.


Q. Who is your favorite fellow horror lover (writer, director, etc.)?

Tough one. Del Toro?


Q. When are you at your best?

3am, middle of casting a new project. Second pot of coffee. Demons 2 playing as background. I just sort of cruise along in a dreamland, then when I wake up there are 30 more monsters in the studio. I love that.


The Hell?!? 'Albie'

The Hell?!? ‘Albie’

Q. What is an average workday like for you?

Go to the day job for 9 hours, come home. Walk dogs. Eat. Work on art as long as I can. Sleep, repeat. Weekends would be cramming in as much artwork as possible.


Q. If you’re being attacked by a masked killer, would you run upstairs, into the basement, or outside to the woods? Why?

Basement – likely weapon source, likely single entrance. Supernatural killer, a la Jason? I’d be fucked, but woods, because you have to keep moving in that case. But a human dude? Basement.


Q. Can you recommend any good books to us?

Wool (and the entire Silo series)

The War of Art

Doctor Sleep


Political Nightmare Scumbags!

Political Nightmare Scumbags!

Q. We’re big fans of The War of Art, too. Anything else you want to talk about that I failed to mention?

Political Nightmare Scumbags just came out!


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