Celeb Interview: Dr. M. Doc Geressy, Captain, Carolina Ghostbusters

Carolina Ghostbusters

Carolina Ghostbusters

The Carolina Ghostbusters keep the Carolinas safe from ghosts, ghouls, spirits, specters, spooks, and the occasional demon. Their team of expert paranormal investigators travel around in their custom built Ectomobile to “bust some heads” and meet with fans at parties, parades, charity events, and other functions. M. Doc Geressy is their fearless leader, and was kind enough to represent the group in our interview.

Q. “Ghostbusters” was one of my first favorite movies as a kid. What is it about the Ghostbusters mythology that is so attractive to your group?

There are a couple of qualities that draw us to the film.  We like the “everyman” aspect.  It’s four regular guys who just happen to save the world.  And, being empirical paranormal investigators, another reason we love “Ghostbusters” is because it’s the first movie that treats paranormal investigation as a legitimate, true science.  Most “ghost hunters” before that time were charlatans and that is reflected with Walter Peck and the E.P.A.’s views on the Ghostbusters in the film.  Even a lot of the paranormal shows on TV today are sensationalized.  If people want to see ghosts, you better show them ghosts, or something close to it.

Q. You visit a lot of cons and festivals. What do fans most want to ask you?

We get a lot of fun questions.  “Are we really Ghostbusters?” (Yes.) “Do our proton packs really shoot?” (Sure do.) “Can you slime me?” (No, not even if you ask really nice.)  But the question we get the most is “What is that tube on the uniform?”  It’s part of the Charged Ion Recovery System.  Since our proton packs discharge positively charged ions, the C.I.R. System balances the charged particles so we don’t ground out and electrocute ourselves.

68292_123214384407348_100001563608995_165662_3635577_nQ. Your Ecto-1 is phenomenal. Can you guess-timate how many man-hours it took to create that beautiful machine?

I couldn’t even begin to guess how many man-hours are involved.  From where the car started to where it is now was about a two-and-a-half year process, and we are still adding things and fine-tuning.

Q. Does your group make most of its equipment?

Just like Ray and Egon did, we make all of our equipment from the ground up.  Everything you see on the car to proton packs to traps and slime-blowers

Q. Are you guys looking forward to another Ghostbusters movie?

We are!  We’re glad that Dan and Harold aren’t just pumping out a piece of crap because the fans want it. It seems like they are really taking their time and trying to make this movie a great one.

246619_166823323379787_100001563608995_429677_967076_nQ. I see you guys have the proton packs, the traps, the cool car, but you’re missing one piece of essential memorabilia; a “Wise Potato Chips” bag. When will you correct this?

Hahaha!  We have the box of Cheese-Its in the car.  Does that count?  You know what, we’ll get a bag of Wise Potato Chips for the car just for you guys!

Q. I know we’ve been warned, but when is it best to cross the streams?

Only to prevent a inter-dimensional cross-rip of dangerous proportions.  Otherwise, crossing the streams can lead to total protonic reversal where all life as you know it stops instantaneously and every molecule in your body explodes at the speed of light.  Basically, it would be bad.

Q. Is there anything you’d like to mention that I failed to ask you?

Be sure to check out our website, CarolinaGhostbusters.com and friend us on Facebook.  And remember, our friendly and courteous staff is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all of your supernatural elimination needs.  We’re ready to believe you!


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