Celeb Interview: Joshua Hoffine

Joshua Hoffine

Joshua Hoffine

Joshua Hoffine is a horror photographer concerned with the “imminence and randomness of death.” He stages his photo shoots as elaborately as films. His friends and family act as “actors” and crew, acting out scenes live before his camera. Hoffine’s photos also appear in scream-worthy charms on his Etsy site.


Q. First of all, tell us a little bit about the “psychology of fear” and what interests you about it.

I am fascinated by Jungian psychology.  I am interested in the role of the Unconscious, and the process of projection – especially as it pertains to the Horror genre.  I believe that we are born with certain inherent fears – such as fear of the dark, or the loss of a parent.  As we mature, these fears are relativized and lose their intensity.  They are filed away into the Unconscious.  I want to drag these forgotten fears back into the light of day.  To be handled, scrutinized, and understood.

Q. Do you work independently, or do you contract out some of your work for others?


Picture 1Q. What has been your favorite shoot, photo, or subject so far?

My favorite subject matter has been childhood fears.  I enjoy working with my daughters.

Q. You say you use friends and family in a lot of your shoots. Have they always been supportive of your subject matter?   

Well, their mother wasn’t very excited by my project.  She definitely had some concerns for their emotional well being.

Q. Who is your favorite fellow horror lover (artist, writer, director, etc.)?

Wow, that’s hard.  Maybe Hieronymus Bosch.

Q. If I knocked on your door with a dead body, where would you say to hide it?

In the basement, either beneath the cement floor or inside the brick walls – Edgar Allan Poe style.

56748_2_600Q. What’s the coolest thing about your life and what you do?

Living without restraints or rules.

Q. Anything else you want to talk about that I failed to mention?

My next project comes out in January [this month]!


To learn more about Joshua Hoffine and his art, visit his website and Facebook fan page. Photos courtesy Joshua Hoffine.


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