Celeb Interview: Monster Art and Clothing, Seattle

75745_449851202084_5692011_nMonster Art and Clothing is a Seattle-based art and accessories shop dedicated to supporting local artists and sustainable goods. Opened by an artist and run by artists, Monster carries a wide range of clothing, art, gifts, and accessories at affordable prices. Their manager, Maxx, was kind enough to tell us a little about the shop and why they have dedicated an entire wall to socks.

Q. First of all, give us a quick overview of the store and what we can expect to find there.

We try to highlight the best in local and sustainable art and clothing throughout the store, so that is what you will find. Most things will have a monster/sci-fi/unusual twist to them. One of our walls features original artwork by several local artists and the opposite wall is reserved for our monthly artist that is featured during the Ballard Art Walk [a monthly event showcasing local artists].

304182_10150325169407085_301386712084_8366815_178067721_nQ. Why a whole wall of socks?

Everyone needs socks. We are encouraging people to wear funky socks that make a statement. The socks get a lot of people into the store and then they see all of the other amazing things that we have.

Q. Do you find that there is a marked lack of monster-themed items in mainstream stores,because we do?

I can’t say that I shop at any mainstream stores, so I don’t think I could really speak to there being a lack of monster items. I will take your word for it though.

Q. What is an average day like for you, a business owner/manager and crafter?

Tara [Smith, the owner] and I both run businesses “on the side” of Monster that require at least full time hours. With being at the store and making sure that is running smoothly, everyday is crazy. Adding the shows that we do into that mix makes for no “average” days.

27033_343010617084_301386712084_4067273_212632_nQ. What is your definition of a perfect day?

I think that a perfect day at the store would be one where we have a ton of sales, everything goes smoothly, and you still have time to take a break and eat lunch. So far we haven’t really figured that one out, but we keep trying.

Q. Love at first sight, or love at first bite?

I think that depends on what you are falling in love with.

Great Answer!

Q. What’s the coolest thing about your life and what you do?

The coolest thing about being an artist is when you get a random thank you from a customer telling you how your art impacted them. That can keep you going when you are ready to go crazy or give up.

To learn more about Monster Art and Clothing, visit their website or Facebook page.


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