How to Celebrate Hug A Monster Day—the Right Way

HAM-Day-cardHappy Early Hug A Monster Day!

Can you believe it’s already that time again? We look forward to July 27th every year, and this one is no exception. There are as many ways to celebrate Hug A Monster Day as there are monsters stalking you from outside your window—that is to say, countless many! But there is only one way to celebrate correctly, and that’s by doing things our way.

This year, we’re going to lay out the perfect Hug A Monster Day schedule for you:

3:47 AM – You have terrible nightmares that wake you up from your otherwise peaceful slumber. (Oh, monster!…)
9:30 AM – You present your monster with its Hug A Monster Day greeting card, along with a leisurely breakfast in bed. A traditional English breakfast is best. Don’t skimp on the beans.
10:45 AM – Your monster takes you for a walk around the local dog park. It chases off at least a handful of dogs and their owners.
12:30 PM – It’s time for the playdate you arranged with your friend’s monster. You grill hot dogs in your backyard (from the dogs who didn’t run away fast enough). Selfie time!
2:30 PM – You take your monster to your weekly couples’ therapy session. Your therapist takes your monster’s side every time today, so you concede that your monster is always right.
3:56 PM – You swing by work with your monster, who accidentally trips over the cord to the office server, crashing the whole office. (Well, that’s my monster for you….)
6:45 PM – It’s time to try that new steak place you’ve been hearing so much about. Your monster orders its steak rare. (Nothing but the best for my monster!)
9:06 PM – Netflix and chill.


Of course, this is just the outline of a perfect Hug A Monster Day. There are plenty of ways to customize the day for the particular monsters in your life.

Don’t forget to include these things in your Hug A Monster Day plans:

Send Your Photos:

As always, SML wants to see your best and most interesting Hug A Monster Day photos and stories! Tweet them, post them, or email them to and we’ll share them with the SML readership base.

Give a Card:

Tis the season to spread happiness among every monster you know. Choose from among our wide range of three downloadable Hug A Monster Day cards to show your monster just how much you care.

Remember the History:

Intergalactic Hug a Monster Day has a rich and storied history. Help us continue this meaningful tradition by learning its history and spreading the holiday cheer. View our Hug A Monster Day photo history.

Hug A Monster Day 2016 is sponsored by the Monster Island Tourism Board.
Show your monster you care with a moonlit night hike led by the Wolfman.

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