Say “I Love You to Death”: 6 Delightfully Dark Chocolate Gifts for Your Evil Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, tell your special someone (or something, depending on your monstery tastes) how you feel with a box of chocolates. While all the choices we’ve listed may not be dark chocolate, per se, they will showcase your delightfully dark feelings in chocolate form. Pair these with a bottle of wine, or bring a tasty victim along for a nice dinner at home.

Tell your Valentine that you love him or her (or it)…to death!

chocolate-heart-20110208-104231Chocolate Heart by Naoto Fukasawa

Last year, SML showed you ways to give a gift from the heart, by giving an anatomically correct heart. Continue the tradition with this delicious chocolate heart from designer Naoto Fukasawa.

PRICE: unknown


DudeSweetHeartProduct900_grande2-Pound Dark Chocolate Heart from Dude, Sweet Chocolate

“Make like an Aztec priest and crack this baby open. Once broken, this heart of darkness (72% dark, that is) pulses with buttery, crunchy, caramelized pastry crumbs and miniature malted milk balls. Each pinkish-red dusted heart comes packaged a la the meat counter – served up on a Styrofoam tray and wrapped in plastic wrap.”

PRICE: $55


BIG20090424_bond-3100.jpg6-Piece Dark Chocolate Skulls from Bond Street Chocolate

A decadence available only in the heart of New York City, Bond Street Chocolate offers a set of six 72% solid dark chocolate skulls dusted with metallic silver. Show your paramour that you know how to take a bite out of life by taking a bite out of these skulls.

PRICE: $14


Vegan_Treats_Fatally_Yours_Gourmet_Chocolate_Box_small18-Piece Fatally Yours Gourmet Chocolate Box

Delivered in a gold-embossed heart shaped box, these 18 pieces of custom, gold-leaf accented Swiss chocolates include white chocolate bones and skeletal hands, caramel-filled (and anatomically correct) hearts, peanut butter cup coffins, and two jumbo chocolate skulls. The only vegan Valentine’s body parts in Bethlehem, PA.



hotel-chocolat-halloween-4-other28-Piece Chocolate Coffin from Hotel Chocolat

This collection from British chocolatier and cocoa grower, Hotel Chocolat, features a limited edition Dead Gorgeous matte black, satin-trimmed casket, filled with 28 chocolates finished with a 24-carat edible gold laughing skull design.

PRICE: unknown


1046215_origConjurer’s Kitchen Animal Skulls

Think your lovely dinner date would be put off by chocolate versions of human skulls and hearts? How about a cute and cuddly animal instead? Conjurer’s Kitchen has a variety available including crow, monkeys, barn owl, and kittens. Chocolate painted monkey skull is pictured.

PRICE: $16-75

SML sends a big “Thank you!” to Horrific Finds for inspiring this post. Do you have a favorite chocolate heart and skull supplier? We’d love to know more about them. Post details in the comments!

Sarah G

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