Happy Hug A Monster Day 2015!

Green MonsterOn behalf of SML’s mascots, minions, and mansion of mystery, we’d like to wish you a happy and exciting Hug A Monster Day!

Intergalactic Hug A Monster Day has taken place every year on July 27 for probably hundreds of years as a reminder that even monsters need a little love and appreciation. We also love breakfast in bed.

The day can also mean something special for participants. Take this story sent to us this year from Isolde in the Netherlands:

This green monster stands voor difficult things I have to deal with, and that can feel like a frightening (snow)storm in my head that takes over.

Every now and then jealousy, insecurity, fears and doubts put false and negative thoughts in my head and keep me from where I really want to be, from doing things I want.

So with “Hug a Monster Day” coming up, I thought it was a good idea to embrace this green friend of mine and honor him by making this snow globe specially for him. ;-) So that it reminds me that no matter how hard things might feel like… they will pass and the snow in my head will eventually lay calmly at the bottom of my globe again.

Join Us for Hug A Monster Day!

Matthew Ensley, Hug A Monster Day 2014

Matthew Ensley, Hug A Monster Day 2014

Send Your Photos:

As always, SML wants to see your best and most interesting Hug A Monster Day photos! Tweet them, post them, or email them to stuffmonsterslike@gmail.com and we’ll share them with the SML readership base.

Hunt for Free Cash:

SML is giving away free cash TODAY for Hug A Monster Day. To play the game, just follow SML on social, solve our riddles, find the VHS tapes with money hidden inside, and claim your cash. We will post clues to two prize locations at 6:00pm, so hurry and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


Hug A Monster Day 2015 is sponsored by the Monster Island Tourism Board. Show your monster you care with a Freddie Krueger monster massage.

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