Hellhounds Handbook: Scaring Hotel Staff Was Never So Much Fun

Hellhounds HandbookTraveling can be a hassle. Hotel lobbies are sometimes sweltering, and just try being the middle seat on a packed airplane. Going places takes a lot out of you, whether you’re traveling for spring break, San Diego Comic-Con, or DragonCon in Atlanta.

Your task is to make traveling fun, not just for yourself but for others as well. Sure, you want your friends and family to share in the good times. But don’t forget the people who help serve you at your destination.

This means tipping your waitstaff, and being truly thankful when asking for directions. But don’t forget those seldom-seen people who straighten up after us while we’re at the waterpark or cosplaying our favorite robo-princesses. You guessed it. Your hotel cleaning staff.

They know there is a big convention in town. They can’t go because they are too busy cleaning up the room that you left looking like Judas Priest just rolled though.

You want to include your hotel maids in all the fun. So, you should leave behind a little something in your room that says, “Hey, I thought about you. I appreciate your efforts in making my stay here pleasant. Enjoy!”

Comedian Bert Kreischer has the perfect idea for all your holiday travels. Let the hotel staff feel they have wandered into a crime scene, maybe a murder investigation, or let them think someone is hiding in an impossible place, like behind a flat screen television. Or don’t forget the old there’s-a-chopped-up-dead-body-in-the-fridge prank. Good stuff.

Here are some ideas Kreischer tweeted. You can borrow these, or make up a few of your own. All you need is some old clothes, a little toilet paper, fake blood and an active imagination.

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