Hug A Monster Day: A History in Pictures

As we gear up for Hug A Monster Day 2012, we have a lot of great things planned!

Keep a close eyeball on Stuff Monsters Like for updates, information about our photo contest, and some do-it-yourself craft projects, specially designed by the minions at the SML Haunted Mansion and Blog Laboratory.

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We begin our celebrations by presenting an abbreviated history of Hug A Monster Day in pictures.


Franklin and Frankenstein, July 27, 1782

Honest Abe Lincoln and his lucky leprechaun, July 27, 1861.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt entertains the Phantom at tea. July 27, 1933

Amelia Earhart didn't fly alone all the time. July 27, 1934

Walter Cronkite welcomes new life forms to Earth. July 27, 1962

Nixon meets the Creature from the Black Lagoon. July 27, 1970.


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