SML’s Annual Hug A Monster Day Photo Contest

Send Us Your Photos – Win Awesome Prizes and Attention!

Mutants, beasts, and horrible freaks all around the galaxy run rampant every year on July 27 in celebration.

Intergalactic Hug A Monster Day is the only holiday reminding all of humanity and peace-loving extraterrestrials to embrace the monsters in their lives – whatever they may be. Humans the world over are encouraged to grab their best monster friend, evil lawn gnomes, and other minutia of the macabre and give them a big squeeze. Hug them in public, in private, in front of cameras, and share with the world.

And Stuff Monsters Like wants to reward you for your public displays of aberrant affection!

Hug A Monster Day submission, 2015. Matthew Ensley, Asheville, NC

Each year, Stuff Monsters Like invites you to send us a photo of you hugging your monster!* Big monsters, small monsters, some eating your head—we double dare you to send them all!

You’re always welcome to check out previous year’s photos for some selfie ideas, but creativity and originality are highly encouraged. Maybe stage a family portrait. Take your monster out for a picnic, or a romantic dinner. Convince it to dress in matching sweaters. Stand back to back in the buddy cop pose. You can even capture that precious moment when your monster opens the official Hug A Monster Day greeting card you’ve given them.

However you decide to take the photo, the rules are simple: Send your Hug A Monster Day photos by the Friday after Hug A Monster Day.

Email them to or post them to our Facebook page.


Our undead judges will review all the photos submitted and pick a few winners – based on creativity, photogenic monsters, and general awesomeness. All winners are featured on the prestigious SML blog – where dignitaries and ambassadors go for their monster news. Winners even get a small, but noteworthy, prize in the mail.

It’s that easy to win big!

So grab your camera, throw an arm over your favorite monster, and plan to get those photos to us!

But I don’t have a monster in the house. What do I do?

Not everyone owns a monster toy. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. You can download, print, and fold our specially designed papercraft monsters. Create your own friend, or even a full monster hoard.

Guess which one hissed at the other? Grumpy Cat and the Bride, July 27, 2013

Guess which one hissed at the other? Grumpy Cat and the Bride, July 27, 2012

About Hug A Monster Day

Intergalactic Hug A Monster Day takes place on July 27 every year. It is a day to show appreciation to all the monsters in our lives. Take your favorite monster (toy) with you to work, school, or play. Show it off. Amaze your friends. Baffle your boss. Frighten your psychiatrist.

Hugging your favorite mutant may be the best feeling you have all day.

Because monsters are people too.


Hug A Monster Day is sponsored by the Monster Island Tourism Board. Looking for the perfect accessory to give on Hug a Monster Day? Visit our gift shop for great deals and big squeals.

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*Stuff Monsters Like retains the right to use photos submitted to the annual Hug A Monster Day photo contest across and affiliate social media accounts for affiliated and unaffiliated purposes.


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