The Inconceivable Gypsy Jim: First a New World Record, Now Your Best Psychic in Asheville!

The Inconceivable Gypsy Jim was relieved of the title of the Elusive Gypsy Jim when he made his first public appearance at GeekOut on May 4, 2013.

Our audience felt the chills and thrills of a true psychic’s mystifying power. They marveled at Gypsy Jim’s accuracy. They were honored to have him gaze upon his crystal ball in their presence. But most importantly of all, they helped Gypsy Jim set a new world record.

During our panel, the Inconceivable Gypsy Jim made history by becoming the psychic to tell the most fortunes by a crystal ball in 3 minutes flat!

If you missed our panel, and your chance to help make history, then shame on you. But you can watch the moment online. That’s right, folks. This incredible historical moment has been forever immortalized on the internet, through Record Setter.

But wait! Gypsy Jim has seen another vision emerge from his crystal ball.

Vote for the Inconceivable Gypsy Jim as Best Psychic in the Mountain Xpress “Best of WNC” poll!

Gypsy Jim is the only psychic in Asheville who knows the winner of the poll, and he knows you will vote for him. He can see it in your future.

And while you’re voting, don’t forget to add Stuff Monsters Like as the Best Blog in town.


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