Is Russia Winning the 21st Century Space Race? Not If You Donate Today!

Stuff Monsters Like has taken on a challenge to beat Russia to the moon. But we can’t do it alone. We need the help and support of the rest of the globe in order to reach our goal.

Why should you donate?

Our Kickstarter program requires millions of dollars, and is only the first of many campaigns so that we may reach $578 Billion. Well, that’s the beauty. There is no way that we can ever make this money.

Since the economic downtown, there is no one in the known galaxy who can raise millions of dollars.

So, donate away. Donate often. Dig deep.

It’s like giving, without the pain of giving.

You can feel good, knowing you took a moment and gave something, but when our Kickstarter program is up, your money will remain in your bank account.

Now, why haven’t you given yet?


Our monster mascots help us with our evil schemes, as well as taking care of chores around the mansion. From writing press releases to collaborating on blog posts, this blog would not exist without them.

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