“Lord of Tears” Announcements: Festival Acceptance, New Trailer, and Chat Roulette Terrorizing Continues!

Screen08 (Key Art 03)The makers of the Gothic psychological thriller “Lord of Tears,” have returned from the damp shadows to let their Owlman back into the light.

“Lord of Tears” is the story of a mild-mannered teacher who is haunted by nightmares and the presence of the Owlman of pagan legend. The film was released last year, but it seems that once the Owlman was let loose, he could not be reined back in!

Here are a few updates and videos from the film’s creator, Lawrie Brewster:

“Lord of Tears” Accepted into the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

The Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival is a huge genre film event, one of the biggest if not the biggest in Europe. Acceptance into the festival will pit the independent film up against the very best from both studios and other independent filmmakers. BIFFF will be held over Easter weekend in April.

Owlman Continues Terrorizing Chat Roulette Users

UPDATE: Chapter 2 of the Owlman’s Chat Roulette adventures:

New Official Trailer for “Lord of Tears”

Interview with Lawrie Brewster on What’s Next for Hex Media

SML has followed the film’s progress from their Kickstarter campaign to early promotions through Chat Roulette to early distribution. We like the film, as you can see from our review, and look forward to seeing more from “Lord of Tears,” director Lawrie Brewster, and Hex Media.

Click here for more SML coverage of “Lord of Tears.”


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